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About Us

LatchOn was started in April 2013 when a group of mothers got together and decided to start a breastfeeding support group for our London Borough of Havering.  There was no effective support in the Borough at all.  There had been patchy support in the past, but nothing had retained funding and kept going.

So we decided to start a weekly free drop in to mothers and pregnant women to come and access peer support and information about breastfeeding.  It started in August 2013, as a registered Charity, and we are going strong in 2016.

We have regular attendees who come along for the ‘craic’ friendship and fun.  We importantly also have new mums coming along for information and support.  5 days old is our youngest attendee!

We meet every Friday at Tesco Roneo Corner, Hornchurch 12.30- 2.30pm even in the school holidays.  Toddlers and older children are welcome to attend with their mothers.  We do not turn anyone away who needs help.  We have extra support available from a volunteer breastfeeding counsellor, and a Lactation Consultant.

We are a completely independent not-for-profit organisation, with the sole aim of supporting breastfeeding in Havering.

Feedback and comments are welcome, please email us at info@latchon.org.uk

Sophie, Sarah & Katharine



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